SARS-CoV-2 and Mitochondrial Health

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A Current Publication by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch On the Prevention and Treatment of Covid-19 

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch
MetrioPharm CEO Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

Which are the factors that determine the course of a Covid-19 infection? Whether patients develop symptoms, whether they fall seriously ill, whether they need to be treated in a hospital? 

A decisive factor seems to be the age of the patient. Just like the entire human body, the immune system loses some of its functionality, over the years. Chronic inflammation and cellular aging progresses and makes it more difficult for the organism to cope with the virus. 

This aging process is influenced by genetic disposition – but also by lifestyle. There are many indications that, for example, anti-oxidative agents and physical exercise can make a decisive contribution to a strong immune system.  

As our understanding of these root causes grows, Covid-19 therapies are improving. The focus is increasingly on age-related immune deficiency. Targeted treatment of this could have far-reaching consequences: it could mitigate the course of Covid-19 and support the treatment of long-term effects (long-Covid-19). It could also improve the effectiveness of a vaccine in elderly and at-risk patients. 

Together with an international group of scientists Dr. Wolfgang Brysch has written and published a paper on this issue. It was published in Immunity & Ageing and you can find it here