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No Comments on Unlocking the Potential: Webinar “Host Directed Therapies, MP1032 and its Implications in Infectious Diseases”

Introduction: A better therapy for Covid patients (15 min)

This webinar was kindly moderated by Donna van Dommelen (Catalyze) and brought together three speakers to talk about MetrioPharm’s lead compound MP1032, a host-directed broad-spectrum anti-infective agent. The webinar was part of the EU-funded iMPact project ( 

The webinar starts with a presentation by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch (MetrioPharm AG), about the significance of ho...

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No Comments on The Full Potential of MP1032: MetrioPharm Publishes Annual Report 2021

MetrioPharm has released its annual report 2021. The company has provided an overview of the previous year’s achievements, the current state, and gives an outlook on the future business strategy. Thomas Christély, MetrioPharm’s CEO since last October, mentions in his preface that the company was able to increase its equity by a total of CHF 27.5 million in 2021.

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No Comments on Metriopharm’s early intervention treatment for mild-moderate COVID- 19

Metriopharm’s ‘iMPact’ project was awarded a €7.9 million grant from the COVID-19 work programme from Horizon Europe in November of 2021, to clinically validate MP1032, an early intervention treatment against mild-to-moderate COVID-19. In this project, MetrioPharm has joined forces with three consortium partners, ImmunoLogik, Catalyze, and PHOX Consulting e.U. Our Partner Catalyze spoke with Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer of Metriopharm, to hear more about their mission, the iMPact project. Here is the article:

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No Comments on “The Path to the Clinical Trial”

A conversation with Dr. Petra Schulz Discussing MetrioPharm’s Phase II Clinical Study in COVID-19

Dr. Petra Schulz, Senior Manager Drug Development at MetrioPharm

MetrioPharm is currently preparing a clinical trial of its lead compound MP1032 in COVID-19. How do you conduct study preparations under pandemic conditions?

The landscape has changed...

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No Comments on SARS-CoV-2 and Mitochondrial Health

A Current Publication by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch On the Prevention and Treatment of Covid-19 

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch
MetrioPharm CEO Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

Which are the factors that determine the course of a Covid-19 infection? Whether patients develop symptoms, whether they fall seriously ill, whether they need to be treated in a hospital? 

A decisive factor seems to be the age of the patient...

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No Comments on “Breaking the vicious COVID cycle at an early stage”

Six questions and answers by MetrioPharm CEO Dr. Wolfgang Brysch on the compound MP1032 in COVID-19

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch
MetrioPharm CEO Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

Is MetrioPharm developing a compound for the treatment of COVID-19?

Wolfgang Brysch: We are developing our lead compound MP1032 for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, with the molecule targeting oxidative stress. Oxidative stress also plays a central role in COVID-19 disease...

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No Comments on „A Promising Start“

Background Discussion on MetrioPharm’s Preclinical COPD Study

Dr. Sara Schumann, Project Manager Research & Development at MetrioPharm, has led the preclinical study

MetrioPharm recently completed a study in a new preclinical model. What did this model look like?

Dr. Sara Schumann: For this initial study we chose an ex vivo model, in which the tests are performed on an isolated heart and lung system...

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No Comments on MetrioPharm in the FAZ

Article from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung from December 24, 19:

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No Comments on Ask the CEO – 6

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch
CEO Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

2019 was the year of spectacular news, generated from the field of aging research. Supposedly, scientists had succeeded in slowing down the aging process, stopping it, even reversing it. As if life was an hourglass and we had learned how to stop time from running out by popping a pill, or even how to reverse the life flow.

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No Comments on “A Most Extraordinary Result”

A Conversation About MetrioPharm AG’s Phase II Clinical Trial

 l.t.r.: Wolfgang Brysch, Chief Executive Officer
Barry Frankel, Senior Vice President Strategy and Business Development

MetrioPharm AG has just published Top Line Data for the Phase II clinical trial in psoriasis. Was the study a success?

Wolfgang Brysch: Yes, the study was clearly a success. We had a number of specific questions and were able to answer most of them...

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