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A Conversation About MetrioPharm AG’s Phase II Clinical Trial

 l.t.r.: Wolfgang Brysch, Chief Executive Officer
Barry Frankel, Senior Vice President Strategy and Business Development

MetrioPharm AG has just published Top Line Data for the Phase II clinical trial in psoriasis. Was the study a success?

Wolfgang Brysch: Yes, the study was clearly a success. We had a number of specific questions and were able to answer most of them...

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How safe is MP1032? And why is that so important to us?

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch
Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

Our Phase II clinical trial in psoriasis is almost completed. And we are especially interested in one question: Has the good safety profile from our previous studies been confirmed? Nobody wants avoidable side effects. But does it really make sense that we place so much emphasis on a good safety profile in the development of MP1032? 

When I started working in medical research, m...

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The connection between chronic inflammation and diseases of aging

Is there a problem with increasing life expectancy? If you look at the graph of average life years alone, the development over the last fifty years looks very positive. This graph shows a steady upward trend, especially in Western countries. People are getting older continuously.

There is, however, a second graph that has risen much slower: that of healthy life expectancy...

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A Conversation with Barry Frankel, MetrioPharm’s new Senior Vice President Strategy and Business Development

Barry Frankel, MetrioPharm’s Senior Vice President Strategy and Business Development.

Do you remember first hearing about MetrioPharm?

Yes, I do remember. I have a friend, who told me to take a look at this company. I reviewed their data and the first thing I liked was the unique profile of the MP1032 platform...

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A report on the current projects of the MetrioPharm team

Photo: © Sandra Meissner

Timetables on the office walls, e-mails with long to-do lists and meetings of all project groups: The new year has started off busy. In order to move the MetrioPharm pipeline ahead as planned, the team is coordinating several major projects simultaneously.

One of the most important is the completion of the Phase II trial in the indication psoriasis...

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The most frequently asked question in 2018: InflammAging

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

For this blog entry, we’ve been thinking: Is there a question that has been asked most frequently this year? And what does the answer say about our work at MetrioPharm?

The most frequently asked question clearly was: “Is MetrioPharm working on InflammAging?”

The so-call...

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MetrioPharm at the ECTRIMS Conference in Berlin

MetrioPharm and Multiple Sclerosis

The ECTRIMS Conference is the largest international conference on the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Dr. Sara Schumann and Dr. Astrid Kaiser presented preclinical data for MetrioPharm.
Photo: © Astrid Kaiser

In October you attended the ECTRIMS conference for MetrioPharm. What was your impression?

Dr. Sara Schumann: The conference is immense. This year there were more than 9000 participants who met in Berlin. One can say that this international conference is the most important forum for researchers and clinicians on multiple sclerosis (MS).

Dr. Astrid Kaiser: Many MS therapies already available today were presented. Of course, we can learn a lot from these post-marketing studies as they clearly show the advantages and disadvantages of currently available drugs.

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What kind of company is MetrioPharm?

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

We have spent this summer on the road. While the scientific team oversaw the progress of our Phase II clinical trial, our Business Development and Investor Relations staff introduced MetrioPharm AG to many different people: potential development partners, medical scientists, financial analysts, healthcare experts and investors.

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A background interview on MetrioPharm’s Phase II study

Dr. Petra Schulz, Senior Manager Drug Development at MetrioPharm spoke to us about the ongoing Phase II clinical trial and the details of the current press release
Photo: © F. Edler

MetrioPharm’s lead compound MP1032 entered Phase II clinical testing in early March. How has the study gone so far?

Dr. Petra Schulz: The most important goal of a large Phase II study continues to be to test the safety of the drug, i.e. whether the patients tolerate it well. So far, nobody has had to discontinue the study after taking MP1032, which is a good signal. The other important objectives – proof of efficacy and the search for the optimal dosage – are still unknown, because at the moment the study is blinded.

This week there was a...

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