Unlocking the Potential: Webinar “Host Directed Therapies, MP1032 and its Implications in Infectious Diseases”

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Introduction: A better therapy for Covid patients (15 min)

This webinar was kindly moderated by Donna van Dommelen (Catalyze) and brought together three speakers to talk about MetrioPharm’s lead compound MP1032, a host-directed broad-spectrum anti-infective agent. The webinar was part of the EU-funded iMPact project (https://covidimpact.eu/). 

The webinar starts with a presentation by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch (MetrioPharm AG), about the significance of host-directed, anti-viral therapies in combating COVID-19 and future pandemics. Host-directed therapeutics hold enormous potential to treat various medical conditions and enhance patient outcomes. By targeting underlying disease mechanisms and bolstering the immune response, these therapies offer a promising approach to mitigating the severity of viral infections. The talk explains the urgency of further research and development in this field to better prepare for future outbreaks and improve global health outcomes.

MP1032 – Macrophage Metabolic Modulation. A Host Directed Broad-Spectrum Anti-infective Therapy (9 min)

Dr. Brysch talks about the mode of action of MP1032. By enabling macrophage metabolic modulation, this drug holds great potential in reprogramming the immune response to combat infectious agents. Dr. Brysch explains the mechanisms through which MP1032 provides a broad-spectrum defense against various pathogens.

Pan-Variant Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Activity of MP1032 and Drug Combinations (15 min)

Building on the first presentation, Dr. Christian Setz (ImmunoLogik GmbH) presents data from the pan-variant anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity of MP1032 and its potential in combination with other drugs. These compelling results support the broad effectiveness of MP1032 against different variants of the virus, while potential drug combinations might further enhance the therapeutic potential against COVID-19.  

Results of Phase IIa Study in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients
(22 min)

The third presentation by Dr. Brysch provides insights into the results of the phase IIa study involving moderate to severe hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The study, titled “A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter, Proof-of-Concept, Phase IIa Study of MP1032 Plus Standard of Care vs Standard of Care in the Treatment of Hospitalized Patients with Moderate to Severe COVID-19” offered evidence of the therapeutic potential of MP1032. The trial demonstartes both: significant improvements in hospitalization times and outstanding safety data observed in the MP1032 treatment group, reinforcing the potential impact of this therapy in combating COVID-19. 

Adaptive platform trials after the COVID-19 pandemic: ECRAID-Prime serving primary/community care (24 min)

Professor Alike van der Velden (University of Utrecht) presents ECRAID-Prime, an adaptive platform trial designed to serve primary and community care in the post-pandemic era. By harnessing the collective power of research networks, this initiative aims to accelerate the development and evaluation of therapies against infectious diseases. 

Discussion and Outlook (15 min)

In this section Professor van der Velden, Dr. Setz and Dr. Brysch answer questions from the audience and provide an outlook for the future.

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