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No Comments on Unlocking the Potential: Webinar “Host Directed Therapies, MP1032 and its Implications in Infectious Diseases”

Introduction: A better therapy for Covid patients (15 min)

This webinar was kindly moderated by Donna van Dommelen (Catalyze) and brought together three speakers to talk about MetrioPharm’s lead compound MP1032, a host-directed broad-spectrum anti-infective agent. The webinar was part of the EU-funded iMPact project ( 

The webinar starts with a presentation by Dr. Wolfgang Brysch (MetrioPharm AG), about the significance of ho...

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No Comments on The Full Potential of MP1032: MetrioPharm Publishes Annual Report 2021

MetrioPharm has released its annual report 2021. The company has provided an overview of the previous year’s achievements, the current state, and gives an outlook on the future business strategy. Thomas Christély, MetrioPharm’s CEO since last October, mentions in his preface that the company was able to increase its equity by a total of CHF 27.5 million in 2021.

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