Final sprint for the annual report

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Last work on the MetrioPharm annual report

Almost done – last work on the MetrioPharm annual report
Photo: © Eva Brysch, 2018

You may have noticed it – for a while it was quiet on our blog. The reason is not that we have lost interest in blogging, the reason is June 20, 2018.

On June 20, the 12th Annual General Meeting of MetrioPharm AG will take place in Kloten; on that day a stack of freshly printed annual reports will be ready to inform new and old shareholders about our 2017 financial year.

At the moment we (the Investor Relations team is also the Blog team) are busy compiling texts, graphics and tables, sending them to the Board members, our patent and legal departments for approval, incorporating the respective changes and then translating everything into English.

We have certainly not lost sight of the blog though. We are currently preparing two new articles, next week we will continue with our series Ask the CEO. This time on: competition for MetrioPharm AG. We’re looking forward to it!