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The most frequently asked question in 2018: InflammAging

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch

For this blog entry, we’ve been thinking: Is there a question that has been asked most frequently this year? And what does the answer say about our work at MetrioPharm?

The most frequently asked question clearly was: “Is MetrioPharm working on InflammAging?”

The so-called InflammAging is an artificial word, a composition of inflammation and aging. The fact that we were asked about it – in one way or another – is a sign of an entirely new knowledge about the connection between aging and inflammation.

There has long been a consensus in science that chronic inflammation affects the health of the vast majority of people, especially in old age. Sometimes even age itself is described as an inflammatory process.

In the past, we often had to fundamentally explain these connections, especially when presenting MetrioPharm in a non-scientific context. This year was quite different. We encountered the InflammAging concept everywhere. Many non-physicians now understand that there is a close connection between aging and inflammation. And so we have very often been addressed with the question: Is MetrioPharm working on InflammAging?

This question is perfectly plausible, because our lead compound MP1032 has an inflammation-regulating effect. The selective mechanism of action is intended to enable even chronic inflammations to be treated safely and permanently. This opens up many opportunities for us.

We are working on approving MP1032 for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, currently in the indication psoriasis. This is a disease that also affects young patients, so it is not a classic inflammation of old age. We chose it because a successful approval in this area – like a prototype – can support our development of more complex indications.

Our psoriasis study is therefore the first step in a diverse development strategy. When you look into our pipeline you will find musculoskeletal and neurodegenerative indications. With our preclinical trials, we are already developing the basis for therapies that will certainly lie within the area of age-related inflammation.

These trials are an important cornerstone of MetrioPharm’s work and they will become even more so in the future. So the answer to the question is yes, MetrioPharm is definitely working on InflammAging. Among other things.