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MetrioPharm presents mode of action of MP1032 at a scientific conference

The 19th Meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research International 2018 in Lisbon

What is the most important step in the development of a new drug? The successful completion of preclinical trials, the first clinical study in humans or the proof of efficacy in patients? All these steps are a precondition for approval; they show that the drug works. In order to be able to assess the drug’s potential and possible risks, it is also crucial to know exactly how it works: the description of the mode of action (MoA).

The mode of action is responsible for the therapeutic effects that the drug has on a disease. However, in the wrong location, for example in organs that are not affected, the same mode of action can also trigger undesirable (side) effects. The more precisely the MoA is understood, the better opportunities and risks can be predicted.

In the case of MetrioPharm, this understanding of opportunities and risks is particularly important. A Targeted Therapy, the selective mode of action of the lead compound MP1032, enables the treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases without undesired side effects on unaffected organs (so-called off-target effects). This is a decisive advantage over other anti-inflammatory therapeutics, which usually suppress the entire body’s immune system and can therefore lead to strong side effects.

For patients, this means an enormous gain in safety and tolerability. For scientists and physicians, the question arises: How does MP1032 develop such a targeted therapeutic effect? As a developer, MetrioPharm must be able to plausibly explain this breakthrough.

In this context, the 19th meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research International was ideal for MetrioPharm’s first scientific presentation of the MoA. MP1032 acts as a ROS scavenger only specifically on the excessive production of reactive oxygen species in the organism. These Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are also commonly known as free radicals.

Dr. Sara Schumann presented MP1032 in Lisbon: “We have received very positive feedback. Our focus – in line with the theme of the conference – was on preclinical results. But the fact that MetrioPharm already has clinical data clearly increases the recognition of our results.”

MetrioPharm’s data in a poster presentation
Photo: © S. Schumann, 2018

MetrioPharm’s CEO Dr. Wolfgang Brysch is pleased with the timing of this development: “Our new findings on the MoA of MP1032 come at a very favorable time. The importance of ROS and oxidative stress in chronic age-related diseases – up to the development of Alzheimer’s disease – is coming to the attention of experts. There is increasing interest worldwide in the health risks posed by ROS. A major EU research project has concluded that there is an enormous need for new ROS-regulating drugs. The MoA of MP1032 matches the efficacy profile that researchers consider ideal. (EU-ROS: The European Network on Oxidative Stress and Redox Biology Research). For MetrioPharm, this opens up excellent opportunities.”

And what’s next? Dr. Sara Schumann on MetrioPharm’s plans: “With our current data we can show the MoA of MP1032. Our presentation in Lisbon was an important first step in making these results public. We want to expand this, we are now preparing the publication in a scientific journal.”